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Lomond Nutrition & Wellbeing

Lomond Nutrition & Wellbeing

Nutrition and lifestyle coach

Former nurse and Rheumatoid Arthritis survivor, Gillian is now a qualified Nutrition and lifestyle coach.

At Lomond Nutrition & Wellbeing, Gillian strives to empower clients to make changes in their lives so they can be the best version of themselves. She does this by providing nutrition & lifestyle packages designed with each client to suit all individual health requirements & offers food intolerance testing and customised nutrition and wellbeing plans based on your individual results.
You can book a consultation with Gillian at either the Lomond Clinic or Tranquility Holistic Centre, in Helensburgh via her website.

Lomond Nutrition & Wellbeing

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You can view Gillian’s full list of services and read her blog on her website.

Lomond Nutrition & Wellbeing

Gillians’ Services

Lomond Nutrition & Wellbeing  - HEALTH & WELLNESS COACHING

Health & Wellness Coaching

Health and Wellness Coaching is evolving and proving to be a very effective process to improve clients’ health and wellbeing. Gillian offers a 6-week health and wellbeing package supporting you to achieve your goals.

Lomond Nutrition & Wellbeing - FOOD INTOLERANCE TESTING

Food Intolerance Testing

This Food Intolerance Testing is referred to as BER Biogenetics Resonance Medicine and is used by doctors and natural healthcare practitioners. It is a non-invasive test to measure the body’s resistance to over 70 food substances & 25 vitamins and minerals.





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