Laura-Elaine's Scentsy Delights

Laura-Elaine’s Scentsy Delights

SCENTSY Candles & Gifts

Hi, my name is Laura-Elaine and I run my own business selling SCENTSY products and gifts. Scentsy offers a safer alternative to traditional candles, no flame, no smoke, no soot and no toxins. Scentsy warmers use a heating element to slowly melt formulated wax, making your home smell amazing. The wax is only warmed so it will not reach a temperature that will cause harm. 

Scentsy is not just wax bars and warmers I also have various range of products including, skin care, toys for children, items for pets, cleaning products and laundry products all with their own unique scent. 

I started my business after trying a Scentsy warmer for the first time the scent lasted a long time, the warmer itself is gorgeous and made with such detail. After this, I was hooked the different scents available are amazing each one different. All the products are really lovely and last a long time. 

You can order directly from my website and join my Facebook Group.


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